Trusted and Professional Technicians

“I was thrilled with the service I received from Scott. I had to take my husband to a follow-up appointment and felt very comfortable leaving Scott by himself. When we returned, the job was done and I had the pleasure of meeting Tyler. I will recommend Scott and Gillece to my family and friends.” – Rhonda B.

Rhonda B.

“I was extremely surprised and happy with Scott. I have never experienced the kind of customer service he provided. I do not normally call companies but had to because I wanted everyone to know that Scott was the best serviceman I have ever had in my home and because of him I will never call another company but Gillece.” – Sue M.

Sue M.

“Gillece was wonderful. Scott fixed the problem and was very friendly, educated, personable and wonderful with my 6-year-old son.” – Michael B.

Michael B.

“I was very pleased with Ed and the service he provided. He was very polite and explained the procedure thoroughly. I will certainly ask for Ed the next time I call.” – Vickie H.

Vickie H.

“Chris and John were excellent, very personable and knowledgeable. I was very pleased with the service and the technicians.” – Alan A.

Alan A.


Trusted, Professional Technicians

Gillece customers call us for quality service completed by professional technicians who they can trust. We employ only the best service technicians who have proper training and experience, a clean background, and excellent interpersonal skills needed to provide both technical and customer service. Gillece Plumbers, Electricians, and HVAC Service Techs are continuously trained and always use the latest industry tools and technology for your home. They treat your home with respect and are there to answer your questions while they work on fixing your problem to leave your home better than it was before. For any of your home service needs, trust the technicians at Gillece.


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Gillece Drain Cleaning Reviews

“Jim arrived quickly and did a great job with opening the line. He also explained a lot of other things I was not aware of. I will certainly recommend Gillece and Jim to others and call them again.” – Scott C.

Scott C.

“I was very happy with Gerry. He was polite, fast, cleaned up the job very well and did an amazing job with the drain cleaning. I had a great experience and will definitely use Gillece again.” – Bill K.

Bill K.

“This was my second service call in 6 years to Gillece. Everything about calling Gillece is professional. A plumber was at my house in 2.5 hours of my call. Scott told me his name and was very careful about moving through my living space. He did a real thorough evaluation of the problem, determined the correct solution and cleared the utility sink drain, cleaned the area and then tested it to make absolutely sure it was clear. There are no “tricks” with calling Gillece about a clogged drain. It is $99 and that is that! They don’t try to sell you something you don’t want or make you sit around for hours and hours only to have no one show up, etc. You call, there is a price, they send someone professional who can get the problem solved and that is that. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you to Scott C. for your excellent work! ” – Sharon R.

Sharon R.


Gillece Drain Cleaning Crushes Clogs

When homeowners have a burdensome clogged drain or sewer line, they look for Gilley’s Clog Crusher™ and Gillece Drain Cleaning services. From our clog-crushing cable that runs dozens of feet into your main drain, to our industry-leading sewer camera for a closer look into your pipes, Gillece Plumbing has all of the tools necessary to identify the source of clogs and to clear them. When you call us for drain cleaning, we can work on your kitchen sink, toilet, utility sink, bathtub, shower drain, floor drain, main drain, and more. Gilley’s Clog Crusher feeds into drains where it powers through buildup often caused by food, hair, and grease. When you need your drains cleaned, just call Gillece!

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Gillece AC Reviews

“We wanted to thank you for the excellent work your men did at our home. They were so nice, clean and hardworking. We had multiple problems and needed a new furnace, hot water tank, and air conditioner. When that was done we hand another problem. Again your people were there and we had to buy a new stove so another worker came out. What a very nice crew of men you have. Every one of them was so nice and polite. The work was finished and they left the place clean. They are great! We thank you again for all your workers.” – Chuck and Ellen G.

Chuck and Ellen G.


“Ron H. was very nice. However, the reason I called, my AC Thermostat, seemed to be working fine when he got here. He did understand that when I originally called the thermostat was not working so he gave me his cell phone number just in case it started to act up again. Thanks, Ron.” – Jamie K.

Jamie K.


“Ron H. was very nice, quick to find the issue with the air conditioner and on his way. He is a keeper.” – Theresa A.
Theresa A.

Expert AC Service

Customers call Gillece when they need quick relief from the heat due to an inefficient or malfunctioning air conditioner. Gillece HVAC Technicians address a wide range of AC problems and provide repair options to help get your air up and running again. Whether the issue is related to a central air system, heat pump, or thermostat, we have the skills and expertise to get it fixed. Gillece HVAC Services aim to keep you and your home comfortable year-round and cooled down during summer months. That’s one of the reasons we are available for your heating and cooling emergency, maintenance, and repair needs 24/7, 365. Call Gillece!

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Gillece HVAC Review Submitted by Robert H.

“I purchased a furnace and air conditioner from your service and am very pleased. Supervisor William M. was the leader on this job- very knowledgeable of the product and a real gentleman. Tim R., the mechanic who put the furnace and air conditioner in my basement, is a hard worker, quiet, and a very likable person. The young man who cleaned out my ductwork is hardworking and a perfectionist. Thank you, Gillece, for giving me such a great group of men.” –Robert B.

Robert B.


Gillece is there for Homeowners Heating and Cooling Needs

Gillece is there for all of homeowners’ heating and cooling needs, including indoor air quality. We provide maintenance, repair, and replacement services for central air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps, and boilers to keep your home comfortable, safe, and efficient each season. Our high-efficiency systems are the best option for replacement with improved performance and less energy waste to save you money on heating and cooling bills. Gillece customers also save money by scheduling annual tune-ups for their systems to prevent breakdowns, increase efficiency, and ensure safe operation. Any HVAC services you need, including ones to improve the quality of your indoor air, are available through Gillece and completed by our expert HVAC Service Technicians- 24/7, 365.

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Submitted Testimonial and Review from Anthony

“I wanted to say, Thank You! for the great service. I called for a clogged sewer on the evening of June 28th, the service technician arrived the next day, well within the stated same day service. The service technician was outstanding, very professional, friendly, and was quick to get started on efforts to resolve the sewer issue I was experiencing. I wouldn’t think twice about contacting Gillece again. Thank You”



Drain and Sewer Cleaning

Clogged drains and sewers can be a huge pain, making for an unpleasant plumbing problem in your home, but Gillece Services can help. Gillece offers drain and sewer cleaning that cuts through stubborn clogs and relieves backup using Gilley’s Clog Crusher™. Gilley’s Clog Crusher reaches deep into your drain, breaking up buildup and clearing out drains and sewer lines to leave behind clean, flow-ready plumbing you can count on. When customers discover they have a slow-draining sink or backup in their home, they call Gillece. Whether you have a clogged kitchen drain, toilet, utility sink, bath or laundry tub, main or floor drain, Gillece is here for you!

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AC Service Review by Emily I.

“Justin was great… Thank you for the great professionalism.” –Emily I.
Emily I.

AC Service Review

Gillece helps to cool down customers’ homes safely with an Air Conditioning Safety Check each spring season. An AC Safety Check includes a thorough inspection to make sure the unit has been properly cleaned and is free of damage, along with other necessary maintenance. Homeowners call Gillece before warm weather arrives to make sure their unit is in good condition to turn on and operate throughout summer. An AC Safety Check helps to prevent breakdown, improve cooling performance, prolong equipment life, and provide homeowners with the peace of mind that they won’t be stuck without air on the hottest day of the year. Gillece Cooling Services also provide AC diagnoses and repairs to keep your home working for you.

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