Gillece Drain Cleaning Reviews

“Jim arrived quickly and did a great job with opening the line. He also explained a lot of other things I was not aware of. I will certainly recommend Gillece and Jim to others and call them again.” – Scott C.

Scott C.

“I was very happy with Gerry. He was polite, fast, cleaned up the job very well and did an amazing job with the drain cleaning. I had a great experience and will definitely use Gillece again.” – Bill K.

Bill K.

“This was my second service call in 6 years to Gillece. Everything about calling Gillece is professional. A plumber was at my house in 2.5 hours of my call. Scott told me his name and was very careful about moving through my living space. He did a real thorough evaluation of the problem, determined the correct solution and cleared the utility sink drain, cleaned the area and then tested it to make absolutely sure it was clear. There are no “tricks” with calling Gillece about a clogged drain. It is $99 and that is that! They don’t try to sell you something you don’t want or make you sit around for hours and hours only to have no one show up, etc. You call, there is a price, they send someone professional who can get the problem solved and that is that. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you to Scott C. for your excellent work! ” – Sharon R.

Sharon R.


Gillece Drain Cleaning Crushes Clogs

When homeowners have a burdensome clogged drain or sewer line, they look for Gilley’s Clog Crusher™ and Gillece Drain Cleaning services. From our clog-crushing cable that runs dozens of feet into your main drain, to our industry-leading sewer camera for a closer look into your pipes, Gillece Plumbing has all of the tools necessary to identify the source of clogs and to clear them. When you call us for drain cleaning, we can work on your kitchen sink, toilet, utility sink, bathtub, shower drain, floor drain, main drain, and more. Gilley’s Clog Crusher feeds into drains where it powers through buildup often caused by food, hair, and grease. When you need your drains cleaned, just call Gillece!