Gillece Review by Bryan H.

“Eric explained everything very clearly and was great with the kids too.  Thanks Gillece.”

Bryan H.


Gillece No-Complaint Electrical Services can help you with a variety of electrical projects in addition to providing preventive service and completing maintenance and repairs. When you begin a home improvement project, or want to upgrade your electrical units or appliances, you need an experienced electrician for any installations or upgrades. Our experienced, skill-certified, licensed electricians can assist with your home improvement project, whether it’s indoor or outdoor. Home improvement projects and upgrades include: ceiling fan installation, track and accent light, landscape lighting, outdoor patio electrical work, work related to pools, spas, and Jacuzzis, and more. Electrical work should always be done by a licensed, experienced professional in order to prevent electrical hazards from happening and to ensure the proper installation of units, appliances, etc. Gillece keeps your home working for you! Call Gillece for electrical work related to your home improvement project today.