Gillece Review by Don N.

“We are very satisfied with the work done in our bathroom.”

Don N.


When Gillece customers want the ultimate in air filtration, they call Gillece for Air Quality Solutions! Gillece Indoor Air Quality Services provides the best air quality for your home with products designed to address indoor air pollution. The MicroPower Guard Air Filter is an air filtration powerhouse for your heating and cooling system. This high-efficiency filter pad uses an electromagnetic field to magnetize airborne particles and to capture the smallest of them that are the most dangerous to breathe. Allergenic particles including dust, pollen, mold, and mildew are reduced with the help of the MicroPower Guard, giving you relief from indoor air pollution and allergies, especially. The MicroPower Guard operates at peak efficiency for about four months, so you only have to change it a few times a year. Cost effective and low maintenance, the MicroPower Guard is an ideal air filter for your home, providing you with relief and safer, cleaner air!