Gillece Review by Gail R.

“Rob was very nice and explained everything before he did it.”

Gail R.


When Pittsburgh area residents experience hard water and its challenging side effects, they call Gillece for Water Quality Services! Gillece knows that hard water can be unpleasant and possibly leave you with soap scum, hard water scales and stains, bad taste or odor, and more. The ProSeries Water Softener System by ProSystems and installed by Gillece removes unwanted minerals often found in hard water, leaving your home with noticeably improved results. Water throughout your entire home comes out crystal clear and clean; your dishes sparkle; your whites are whiter; your soap rinses out more easily; and your cleaning products work more efficiently- even your washing machine! With a five-cycle regeneration system based on your home’s water usage, the ProSeries Water Softener delivers softened water where and when you need it. Gillece Services can solve your hard water problems today- call Gillece!