Gillece Review by Kim C.

“Ryan was very efficient and did his best to be cost-effective.”

Kim C.


Gillece customers have found a way to beat indoor air pollution with Gillece Indoor Air Quality Services. Gillece cares about the quality of your indoor air for your comfort and safety. We offer air quality products by Nature’s Home that help to reduce and eliminate potentially harmful particles from your indoor air. The OxyQuantum LED uses UVC and UVV energy exposure to damage and possibly kill microorganisms. The presence of infectious agents and toxic compounds are reduced, as well as the possibility of potentially developing a related illness or disease! The OxyQuantum LED can be installed by Gillece Services into your ductwork where the dual lamp system exists and is contained. Once installed, your air will be purer and safer to breathe, helping to keep you and your family comfortable and free of potential airborne contaminants and toxins. Call Gillece for indoor air quality service today!