Gillece Review by Mrs. V.

“Tom E. was very wonderful. He helped me out so much and the phone representative was courteous too. I really appreciate the professionalism that Gillece Services delivers.”

Mrs. V.


When you call Gillece, you will be greeted by the best Customer Service Representatives in town! They answer your initial call, listen to your request, answer any questions they can, and gather information they need from you in order to get your service underway. They deliver the best in no-complaint customer service by empathizing with your situation, understanding that your needs are unique and may be personal, and taking into consideration all that you have to say. Once a Customer Service Representative has processed your request, it is transferred to the Operations Department to get the nearest available Technician to your home. And, Gillece is “Always Here to Take Your Call!” A Customer Service Representative is available around the clock, all day, every day- nights, weekends, and holidays. We know that sometimes emergency situations happen at the most inconvenient of times. Gillece is here for you!