Gillece Review by Otis F.

“The Gillece technician was polite and the job was done professionally.”

Otis F.


Gillece customers are happy that we can purify your indoor air to make it cleaner and safer to breathe! Gillece Services’ indoor air quality products by Nature’s Home are designed to help trap and eliminate potentially harmful contaminants from your air that can be unsafe to inhale. The MicroGuardian AirScrubber® III is an air-cleaning triple threat! With two high-efficiency air filters, a UVC light, and a carbon cell, the MicroGuardian AirScrubber helps to fight all three danger levels associated with indoor air pollution, which account for allergenic particles, infectious agents, and toxic compounds. The presence of dust, pollen, mold, mildew, bacteria, pesticides, and more are reduced or eliminated. Your home can receive the optimal air quality with this system that is designed to address all of your indoor air issues, allowing you to breathe easier and live better.