Gillece Review by Roy B.

“Although Jeff was unable to open my sewer line he worked really hard and tried his best. I wanted to call and give him the credit he deserves.”

Roy B.


Customers call Gillece for all of their bathroom home improvement needs, whether for plumbing emergencies, repairs, products, installations, or more. This includes the supply and installation of new showerheads and shower systems for an upgraded, updated bathroom. Shower systems can provide customers with a spa-like experience through the use of multiple showerheads and body sprayers. Traditional showerheads, whether fixed or handheld, are also available to suit our customers’ specified tastes and needs. Gillece Plumbing Services also provides low-flow showerheads that help to save on water usage, staying environmentally-friendly and saving you money. Gillece No-Complaint Plumbing Services keeps your home working for you!