Gillece Review by Sandra F., Highland Park

“The technician Nick explained everything to me and did a great job. Now I am going to become a bronze plan member!”

Sandra F., Highland Park


Customers in the Pittsburgh area require secure and adequate electricity for their homes and families, and they call Gillece for all of their electrical needs- emergency, maintenance, and replacement. A professional Gillece Electrician can assure that your home’s electricity is safe and secure while assisting with your electrical maintenance needs. Electrical maintenance includes adequate capacity, safe and secure wiring and installations, correct placement of lighting, outlet functionality, and more. For all renovations, upgrades, installations, etc., your home and family need reliable electrical connections that are free from potential hazards. Poor electrical maintenance can result in serious damage, even fire, and loss. Gillece Electricians are the ones to call to review your electrical maintenance needs, problems, and solutions, and to keep your home safe and always working for you!