Gillece Review by Sharryl K.

“I have nothing but praise for the Gillece Services Technicians. I’m very grateful and thankful for them. They really know what they’re doing, are so very polite and courteous, and everything was explained along the way. ”

Sharryl K.


Gillece customers call Gillece for bathroom products and installation, including for new bathroom sinks and faucets. Gillece offers pedestal and vanity sinks in a variety of styles to match your bathroom size and style. Whether you are renovating or starting from scratch, Gillece can help you to choose the best sink option and complete its proper installation. Pedestal and vanity sinks provided by Gillece Services are suitable for small or large bathrooms, and they each have their own unique appeal. Gillece No-Complaint Services also provides faucet options for your bathroom that can replace your existing faucet for an updated look as well as for modernized function. Your bathroom sink renovation requires the work of a professional- call Gillece!