Gillece Review by Margaret V.


Anthony was polite, cleaned up the job neatly and I would prefer to have him again.”

Margaret V.


Gillece Plumbers are qualified to work on gas lines. Did you know that all local Pittsburgh gas companies – Columbia Gas, Dominion-Peoples Gas, Equitable Gas – require that plumbers who work on gas service lines be D.O.T. (Department of Transportation) Certified to do so? Did you know that Gillece Services Plumbers are D.O.T. Certified? Like water lines, gas service lines can become worn, can rust out and corrode, can become damaged, and can leak. Gillece customers appreciate complaint-free and trusted Gillece gas line service. A gas line repair or replacement is vital not only to the health of a home, but also to the health of the family that resides there. Gillece’s plumbing experience goes back as far as over 30 years and its reputation of quality, reliable service remains steadfast to this day. It’s important to trust your home to experts – to certified, trained, and experienced plumbers. Gillece plumbers are all this and more, and also work well and in coordination with local gas companies.