Gillece Review by Mike Q.

“Eric was tremendous. He worked very hard on a complicated problem. I am now a customer for life.”

Mike Q.


If you have hard water problems, we can solve them by conditioning your water! Hard water may contain minerals that create surface impurities, such as hard water stains and soap scum, may decrease the performance of your water-using products and appliances, and can even potentially damage appliances or plumbing. Gillece No-Complaint Services has the water conditioning services for you! We offer products for conditioning water to remove or neutralize mineral content. When your water is softened, you will notice the difference in softer clothes, whiter whites, softer hair and skin, and sparkling clean dishes. Your soap will easily lather and rinse out, and your cleansing products will work more efficiently, creating less time spent cleaning. Softened water through water conditioning can also increase the life of your appliances and your plumbing. Fight the effects of hard water- Call Gillece!