Gillece Review by Tammy T.

I will always use Gillece for my plumbing, electrical, heating, and cooling needs. Gillece is a company of true professionals.”

Tammy T.

Air Filters

Gillece Services Pittsburgh provides air conditioning and heating units, and air filtration systems, that use high-quality filter technology. Dirty air filters can affect the condition of your air conditioning unit or furnace, the performance of both systems, and the quality of air inside your home. When air filters are full of collected particles, air flow is obstructed and the fan inside your air conditioning unit must work harder to produce cooler air. Air filters should be changed routinely to maintain their efficiency. Depending on the type of air filter you have, it may need changed as often as once a month or at least once every three months. The more efficient an air filter is, the more particles it collects at a faster rate, and therefore the more often it needs be changed. A Gillece Services Technician can assess your particular air filter situation and review solutions to keep your home working for you.