Gillece Review by BJ A.

“We called Gillece to check our air conditioning system. It went well, and we would use them again.” –BJ A.


Recessed Lighting

When lighting projects require the skills and expertise of a licensed electrician, customers call Gillece. Recessed lighting is a popular option for kitchens, especially, which customers want to install in their homes for better, more functional lighting. This type of lighting installation may be tricky due to the additional installation of light cans in the ceiling as well as wiring or rewiring work. Recessed lighting can create a certain mood, increase functionality, or serve as emphasis in any room where it is used. However, the proper installation and placement of lighting by a professional electrician is necessary to ensure safe operation for continual use. A Gillece Electrician can always assist with your lighting installations and review other solutions should additional outlets or electrical capacity be needed. That’s how we keep your home working for you!

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