Gillece Review by David T.


“I was impressed that the carpet was covered with a tarp and red plastic. Very Good!”

David T.


Gillece Services No-Complaint Heating is there for you, especially during bitter cold winter months in Pittsburgh. Gillece Heating Services can resolve any issue related to your furnace, boiler, or heat pump; Gillece Services HVAC Heating Technicians are skill-certified, licensed, and experienced in heating services. From burners to pilot lights, ductwork to registers, a Heating Technician can solve a multitude of heating-related issues when your heat won’t turn on, your house won’t heat up, the pilot light won’t light, etc. Gillece Heating Technicians can also address thermostat issues that could affect your heat source. Call Gillece for a Furnace Check-up before a malfunction occurs. Homeowners turn to Gillece for Heating Services and more, including Plumbing, Cooling, Electrical, and Waterproofing Services.