Gillece Review by E. O.


“If I need service in the future I would want Tom D. to return. He was polite, professional and friendly.”

E. O.


Your home is full of gadgets and technology for connecting you to the world, for providing entertainment for you and your family, and for keeping your household secure. Televisions, gaming systems, computers, audio equipment, security systems, etc. – Gillece can work on it all! With so many different systems, wires, cords, and plugs associated with your technological equipment, you may be at risk for a potential electrical hazard or a damaging malfunction. A single power surge can create thousands of dollars in damage for replacing TVs, computers, and other electronics that are ruined. Gillece can review your home’s electrical needs and offer surge protection using a surge arrester at the source of your electrical connections to help avoid such damages and expenses. For your technology and communication electrical needs, call Gillece!