Gillece Review by John P.

“Great service! I was satisfied with the job done and would use Gillece Services again.”

John P.


Gillece No-Complaint Water Quality Services has the water filtration system you and your family need! Gillece offers the Ultra Filter by ProSeries, a whole-house filtration system that provides your home with exceptional water that is safe to drink, great-tasting, and odor free. The Ultra Filter reduces and eliminates potentially harmful contaminants using high-quality filtration technology. Chemicals that can be found in your water may be damaging to your health! Gillece Services’ Ultra Filter protects your family and helps to get rid of these chemicals for good. The Ultra Filter is also green-friendly. It saves on energy and, most importantly, bottled water. Gillece Water Quality Specialists are experts at what they do; Water Quality is their specialty and sole area of focus, so you can feel confident with the service they provide for the best quality water in town.