Gillece Review by Mary A.


“Dale was pleasant, courteous and cleaned up the work area well.”

Mary A.


Gillece Services Plumbers have the expertise and equipment needed to resolve any of your plumbing problems. Gillece Plumbers are licensed, skill-certified, and continuously trained. They receive ongoing, hands-on training regardless of their skills and experience. Our plumbers pride themselves on being life-long learners, acquiring a wealth of skills and knowledge including familiarity with copper, cast iron, and black iron steel pipeline material often used in the Pittsburgh region. Our Plumbers come with all of the equipment they need right in their truck in order to provide you with the most efficient and effective service they can. They are able to manage the many plumbing problems that can occur, from leaks to clogs to underground pipeline issues. If you experience a plumbing emergency, you can be assured that a Gillece Plumber can handle the job and fix the problem. If you do not have a 100% satisfaction review with our plumbing service, we will return and redo the initial work until you are satisfied*. Gillece keeps your home working for you! *Restrictions apply.