Gillece Review by Robert W.

“The Gillece Services Technician was extremely helpful. We discussed future diagnostic checks and I was given guidance about correcting my furnace problems.”

Robert W.


Have you ever noticed water in your basement? Water can seep into the basement from groundwater or rainfall, causing noticeable puddles to form or dampness in spots where it is certainly not wanted. Gillece Waterproofing Services can remove unwanted water from your home and prevent any more water from getting inside. Gillece Waterproofing Specialists are experts at determining your waterproofing needs both inside and outside of your home. Once they assess your displaced water situation, they will review possible water removal plans with you. They can install a French Drain and Sump Pump that collect unwanted water and deposit it away from your home in a designated location, keeping your basement dry and your home free of potential water damage. The last thing a homeowner wants is a soggy basement that may form mold, attract bugs, or ruin furniture. Water in the home can also jeopardize the house’s foundation upon which it is built!