Gillece Review by Tina N.

“JH was very nice, polite and good at working, as well as very knowledgeable of plumbing.”

Tina N.

Electrical Inspection

Gillece Services No-Complaint Electrical knows prevention is the best method, especially when it comes to your electrical units! We offer an Electrical Inspection of your home to ensure that electrical connections and their sources are safe and secure. This means checking electrical panels, circuit breakers, outlets, fuses, ground fault interrupters, etc., around your home for any signs of damage or potential hazards, and to make sure they work efficiently. We can also upgrade and update electrical connections, such as your electrical panel for more electrical capacity, and your outlets from two-prong to three-prong outlets. Gillece Services Electricians are licensed, trained, skill-certified, and experts at their craft. They can address any of your home’s electrical needs and help to prevent electrical damage, even fire, from happening. Gillece Services Electrical is here for prevention and protection- we keep your home working for you!