No Complaint Water Filtration Service and Review

“The service was excellent. Chad was very professional, courteous, and informative and cleaned up when work was complete.” –John M.

John M.

“My overall experience with Gillece went very well. I received quick, efficient, and friendly service, with a full explanation of the job and no hidden surprises. The techs were on time and had good time management. I would use them again in the future.” –Dennis C.

Dennis C.

“From start to finish everything went very well with no problems. The plumber was great and I would recommend both him and Gillece.” –Kelly F.

Kelly F.

“Jeff was on time and performed the work very efficiently. He knew exactly what he was doing and executed the work perfectly.” –Jeff J.

Jeff J.

“Gillece showed up on time and did great work installing parts for my new shower. I plan to use them again in the future.” –Lois M.

Lois M.

No-Complaint Whole House Water Filtration

Customers care about the quality of water in their homes and turn to Gillece No-Complaint Services for whole house water filtration. Gillece provides and installs a variety of water quality products, including a whole house water filter that works to reduce or remove chemicals and other pollutants often found in unfiltered water. The presence of potentially 60,000 chemicals, such as chlorine and hydrogen sulfide, can be harmful to your health from external and internal contact. They can make skin and hair dry, itchy, and flaky and have been linked to both illness and disease. Gillece Whole House Water Filtration filters water throughout your home, delivering cleaner, safer water through every faucet. A whole house water filter is carbon-based, eco-friendly, and effective at removing chemicals and improving taste and smell. You can notice the difference from the water you drink to the water you shower in, and much more!