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Nathan H. Gillece Review

“We can’t say enough about the work Curtis and Dalton completed, as well as Gerry and Ed. We are 100% over-the-top satisfied and we will use Gillece in the future!

We arrived home on a Saturday night to find water near our AC and realized our water heater was leaking. We got online and sent a request for service at 12:40 AM Sunday morning. By 8:00 AM Sunday morning, my phone rang and it was Gillece! They set us up with two appointments for that same day- Sunday! Gerry arrived around 10:00 AM and took the time to explain everything he was going to do and did an outstanding job. He was efficient and quick. He then let me know that the next needed Technician was in Greensburg and would be arriving at our home in 1.5 hours. To our surprise, he was early! Ed arrived and spent the next 3 hours trouble-shooting and assessing our AC. He was very clear and even got a book out to explain the issues to me and my wife. He then made a call and quickly told us that a supervisor would be out in an hour or so- and he was.

Clarence arrived and sat down with us and explained our options and costs. I couldn’t believe the service we were getting on a Sunday, no less! We decided on what unit we wanted and he made a call and scheduled the install. Clarence said the new unit would be here the next day. Sure enough on Monday around 9:00 AM my wife called me and said that two Gillece Technicians were already there to work! Curtis and Dalton got right to work and in no time they had our old system out and began installing our new one. Well, by Tuesday at 7:00 PM, our home was cooling off already. I was just amazed at how efficient and fast Gillece was. It would be nice if all companies reacted to their customers as Gillece does!

Clarence- thank you for getting us set up. Gerry- thanks for getting our water needs fixed. Ed- for your evaluations and time you spent, thank you. And thank you Curtis and Dalton- you guys were great! Call Gillece!” -Nathan H.

Nathan H.

Air Conditioning Repair

Customers call Gillece as soon as they have an air conditioning problem and need fast relief from the heat, especially when temperatures are high during summer months. Gillece HVAC Technicians can remedy A/C problems and review air conditioning repair solutions. When air conditioning won’t turn on or won’t blow cool air, you probably need repair. You might be experiencing problems with airflow, temperature control, the condenser unit, a leak, etc. A Gillece HVAC Technician has repair options that are best for you to get your air turned back on for the continued comfort of your home. Gillece knows that sometimes, your health and safety depend on it! That’s why we are “Always Here to Take Your Call” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Call Gillece!

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Reviewer : Nathan H.
Review Date :
Item Name : Air Conditioning
Author Rating: 5
Item Description: When air conditioning won’t turn on or won’t blow cool air, you probably need repair. You might be experiencing problems with airflow, temperature control, the condenser unit, a leak, etc.
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Gillece Review by D. K.

“The phone representative was excellent, and the service and speed were outstanding!” -D.K.

D. K.

Security Lighting

Gillece customers call us for the safety and security of their homes. That includes taking steps to make the home a safer place from the inside out. When customers decide to install security lighting in their home, they reach out to Gillece Electricians for professional installation as well as placement. When it comes to security lighting, customers know that strategic placement and secure installation make all the difference. It’s not an amateur task to complete, so a licensed Gillece Electrician is the one for the job. They can handle any rewiring or electrical issues, ensuring the safety of your lighting fixtures themselves in order to help protect your home from trespassers or intruders. And the best placement of your security lights helps to make them effective. Call Gillece No-Complaint Services for electrical installations- security lighting and more!

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Gillece Review by Patrick F.

“Gillece provided service for my leaking laundry sink in my basement.  The technicians inspected the problem, provided an estimate of service, replaced the pipes, and got the system back in working condition. The entire project was handled professionally and with great customer care.  I will absolutely contact Gillece again for any future projects.” – Patrick F.

Patrick F.

Sewer Repair

Sewer problems in need of repair cause customers to call Gillece for fast and efficient service. When a sewer backs up or becomes clogged, customers call for a Gillece Plumbing Technician who can handle the job with the best equipment and expertise. A sewer repair can be a complex task that requires professional review. Luckily, customers know that Gillece has hi-tech sewer equipment needed to locate, see, and repair sewer line problems. That includes top-of-the line cameras, locators, and monitors for seeing deep into your sewer line to detect cracks, leaks, obstructions, and more. Gillece also offers Trenchless Sewer Replacement and Sewage Pump Repair. With Gillece Sewer Repair Services, you can rest assured that your sewer line problem is accurately detected, identified, and remedied, getting your home back in order as quickly as possible. That’s how we keep your home working for you!

Review Summary :

Reviewer : Patrick F.
Review Date :
Item Name : Sewer Service
Author Rating: 4
Item Description: A sewer repair can be a complex task that requires professional review. Sewer services can include the use of top-of-the line cameras, locators, and monitors for seeing deep into your sewer line to detect cracks, leaks, obstructions, and more.
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Gillece Review by M. K.

“My whole experience with Gillece was most pleasant and a nice surprise. The technician, Chad, was wonderful! He was very courteous and kind, and I felt as if I was treated as a valued customer with respect and no unpleasant surprises.”

M. K.

Gas and Water Line Repair and Replacement

Customers count on Gillece for all of their plumbing needs, including for gas and water line repairs and replacement. Problems with gas and water lines are often serious and alarming, and Gillece Plumbing Technicians come to a customer’s home with the expertise and equipment needed to assess the problem and to get to work on providing a safe solution. Gas and water lines can become worn through rust and corrosion, they may become damaged, and they can leak. Regardless of the situation, your gas and water lines need serviced fast! That’s why customers call Gillece No-Complaint Services. We’re “Always Here to Take Your Call,” and our plumbers can get to your home quickly to provide efficient service that you require. Gillece Plumbers are also Department of Transportation certified so you can rest assured that they are qualified to work on your gas line.

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Gillece Review by Jane V., Mars

“The technician, Tom, was wonderful and eager to help me. The customer service representative who booked my call was courteous, and I appreciate the professionalism.”

Jane V., Mars.


Gillece customers listen to Gilley when they want to know all about Gillece! Gilley is Gillece’s Macaw parrot mascot who tells customers everything they need to know on a regular basis. On, customers can read Gilley’s blog for the latest information on our services, events, promotions, and more- even Gilley’s scheduled appearances! You can also follow Gilley through social media on Facebook and Twitter. Gilley is featured in our videos and commercials that can be seen on our YouTube channel and on Following Gilley means following Gillece and learning what new things we’re always doing and offering. Gilley is a chatty bird full of advice, stories, and information, and our customers find him quite knowledgeable! See for yourself and take a look at what Gilley reviews. Then do as Gilley says and call Gillece!

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Gillece Review by Tony C., Arnold

“Gillece got to my home quickly and did a fantastic job! The problem was fixed and the technician was very professional. Me, my family, and my pets greatly appreciate their service!”

Tony C., Arnold


Gillece customers want to save money and energy. They call Gillece for energy efficient products and services, including thermostats! Programmable thermostats provided and installed by Gillece HVAC Technicians help to save homeowners money on their heating and cooling bills. While a green home comfort system through the use of energy efficient air conditioners and furnaces is effective, a thermostat can be just as important in saving energy. Programmable thermostats work around a homeowner’s schedule and lifestyle to adjust temperatures during certain times of day when typically no one is home. Why heat or cool a space that is unoccupied for several hours at a time? This is how a programmable thermostat thinks. It helps to contribute to significant energy savings as well as cost savings for customers. A Gillece Technician can review programmable thermostat options for you and get you on the right track to go green and save green! Call Gillece!

Review Summary :

Reviewer : Tony C
Review Date :
Item Name : Programmable Thermostat
Author Rating: 5
Item Description: Programmable thermostats work around a homeowner’s schedule and lifestyle to adjust temperatures during certain times of day when typically no one is home.
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Gillece Review by Ava S.

“I am very pleased with the two technicians [Jeff and Nick] who came to my home. I will definitely recommend Gillece to everyone!”

Ava S.


Gillece customers know just who to call when they experience a sink or drain clog that keeps their water from flowing and causes a foul odor: Gillece! Gillece Plumbers remedy sink and drain clogs in the bathroom and kitchen and wherever else a clog may be. More often than not, sinks become clogged from hair and food buildup that continues to grow over time. When the problem keeps building, it may result in a serious blockage that calls for a professional. If you have tried to relieve your clog with little or no success, then chances are there is a problem deeper down in your plumbing systems. Gillece plumbers have the skills, knowledge, and tools to work on your sink and drain clogs and to get your problem solved in no time. You won’t have to deal with a clog that won’t budge, water that won’t flow, or odor that won’t go away. Gillece No-Complaint Plumbing Services is here for you!

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Gillece Review by Sandra F., Highland Park

“The technician Nick explained everything to me and did a great job. Now I am going to become a bronze plan member!”

Sandra F., Highland Park


Customers in the Pittsburgh area require secure and adequate electricity for their homes and families, and they call Gillece for all of their electrical needs- emergency, maintenance, and replacement. A professional Gillece Electrician can assure that your home’s electricity is safe and secure while assisting with your electrical maintenance needs. Electrical maintenance includes adequate capacity, safe and secure wiring and installations, correct placement of lighting, outlet functionality, and more. For all renovations, upgrades, installations, etc., your home and family need reliable electrical connections that are free from potential hazards. Poor electrical maintenance can result in serious damage, even fire, and loss. Gillece Electricians are the ones to call to review your electrical maintenance needs, problems, and solutions, and to keep your home safe and always working for you!

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