Gillece Cooling Services Review

Preventive Service Review

For Future Protection, Think Prevention

Often said, prevention is the best method; this is true when it comes to the working order of your home! To ensure that the equipment in your home continues to function properly, Gillece Services recommends methods for prevention, including for your air conditioning system. Gillece Cooling Services can perform Gilley’s Seasonal Start-up A/C Check as a preventive approach, in which your air conditioning unit is inspected for performance and safety issues. A Gillece Services Cooling Technician can provide repair, filter replacement, or cleaning options after conducting an extensive inspection of your air conditioning unit.

Gillece Cooling Services also advises homeowners to clean their air filters routinely. It’s a must that could prevent your air conditioning system from future breakdown. When particles are collected in an air filter and remain there, less and less air can flow through. Likewise, the air conditioning fan must work harder to produce cold air. Depending on the efficiency of the filter in your air conditioning unit, it may need to be changed as often as once a month or every ninety days, at the least.

Repair Service

When There’s No Cold Air, Call for Repair

Gillece Cooling Technicians can repair any issue that occurs with your air conditioning system, at any time. If your outdoor unit is frozen, if the air conditioner inside your home won’t turn on, if the thermostat is malfunctioning- call Gillece! Gillece Services Technicians can resolve issues dealing with your circuit breaker, fan, compressor, etc. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year- evenings, weekends, and holidays- because emergencies don’t always occur at the most convenient of times. We are “There the Same Day or You Don’t Pay!*” Gillece Cooling Technicians are licensed, skill-certified, experienced, competent, and courteous, and they respect you, your home, and your family. If a problem arises and your air conditioner needs repaired, a Gillece Cooling Technician will review his professional assessment and possible repair options with you.


When All Else Fails, Replacement Prevails

When prevention methods and repair attempts fail, replacement may be necessary. Gillece Services can install top-quality air conditioning systems that are energy efficient and cost effective, including additional systems that improve air quality. Air filtration systems work with air conditioning units in order to produce cleaner, better air. Gillece Services Cooling Technicians can also uninstall your current system and remove it, so you don’t have to deal with the extra nuisance. Gillece Cooling Services offers a selection of warranty options for your assurance, as well.


Choose What’s New and Better Improved for You

Gillece Cooling Services’ products are designed for high performance and energy efficiency. They are intended to help improve the quality of your home, such as through better indoor air quality for you and your family. Products include York central air conditioning systems, MicroPower® Guard air filtration systems, and Honeywell thermostats. York air conditioners are made in the USA and are efficient in cost and performance. They feature high-efficiency compressors for noise reduction and are designed for energy efficiency. York air conditioners deliver dependable, quality performance for your home’s comfortable operation. The MicroPower® Guard Air Filtration System improves air quality by maximizing air flow and removing air particles that are potentially harmful to inhale. It works with your air conditioning system for better filter technology and better air quality. Furthermore, thermostats allow you to operate your air conditioning unit, and they essentially maintain its functionality. Honeywell thermostats offered by Gillece Services are easy to use, easy to read, programmable, and helpful for managing and maintaining your air conditioning equipment. Gillece Services’ Cooling products keep your home working for you!

Gillece Technicians and Services

All Year through, We’re Here for You

Gillece Cooling Services employs technicians who are talented, friendly, and considerate- people we would comfortably welcome into our homes. They are experienced, trained, certified, licensed, drug-screened, and background-checked. Once at your home, your Gillece Cooling Technician will ask your permission for entry into your home after checking to see if his vehicle is parked out of the way, and he has put on his shoe booties to protect your flooring or carpeting from mud and debris. He will appear in his Gillece uniform and identify himself with his Gillece ID badge. A Gillece Cooling Technician has a tremendous amount of respect for you, your home, and your family and will treat your home as if it were his own. Your Gillece Services Cooling Technician will review his plan for the appointment, gather information and answer your questions, and then offer solutions for repair or replacement, as well as pricing options, once he has thoroughly assessed the situation and found the root of the problem.

For over 30 years, Gillece Services has been the Pittsburgh area’s one-stop-shop for Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Electrical, Indoor Air Quality, Water Quality, and Waterproofing services – emergency, maintenance, and replacement. Family owned and operated, President Tom Gillece innovated the Gillece “There The Same Day or You Don’t Pay!”* service policy, and “We Keep Your Home Working For You! SM” customer philosophy.

*Restrictions apply. Call for details.