Gillece Electrical Services Review

Electrical Preventive Service Review

Protect-it electric services!

Gillece Electrical Services cares about the safety of you, your loved ones, and your home. Electrical services often require intelligent repair that only a professional Electrician can do. Gillece Electrical Technicians are trained, state-certified, licensed by the city, background checked, and drug-screened. Electrical Preventive Inspections can be quite helpful to the Pittsburgh area homeowner. For example, you may want to have your meter base reviewed for upgrade to prevent explosion. 60 AMP round meter bases simply cannot handle today’s required 100 AMPS. You may also want to have your service panel (circuit panel) reviewed for upgrade. Signs of rust or corrosion on your panel indicates potential problems with panel switches and operation of electricity. One additional concern is your weather head. A worn or water-damaged weather head will stop weatherproofing your meter socket and lead to problems with the flow of your electrical services. We also offer Whole-House Surge Protection. A Gillece Electrical Technician is available for inspection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year – Gillece never closes!

Repair Service

Care and repair electric!

Gillece Electricians know what’s best for your home and what’s safe for your family. We excel at service repairs for the home including work on: circuit panels, breakers, fuses, outlets, ground fault interrupt circuits, appliance circuits, transformers, exhaust fans, air conditioning wiring, electric heat, ranges, dryers, code corrections, and more. We know its best not to wait for a potential electrical hazard to put you and your family at risk or cause unnecessary inconvenience. Electrical problems can easily arise and create an unsafe home environment. We care for and do repair work on: generators, wiring, lighting, track and accent lighting, landscape lighting, ceiling fans, pools, Jacuzzis, spas, security systems, audio equipment, visual products, phone communication, computers/networks, and surge systems.


When it wears out, replacement is what it’s all about!

Let’s face it, sometimes you have to replace it! Dead, faulty, loose, cracked or broken outlets/wall plates should be replaced. Light switches that are hot or making crackling and sizzling sounds require replacement. Lights that flicker when you operate their switches are also a problem. Your home’s circuit breaker panel requires the right load (amount) of electricity to meet the electrical demand of you and your environment, and may also need complete replacement as well. Gillece Electricians know what to replace, when to replace, and how to replace any electrical household need. Even residential generators may need replacing as well as whole-house surge protection. Not to worry! Our Electricians have the skills and training to assess any electrical situation and offer you a variety of repair and replacement options.


Our generators generate happy electrical customers!

Life is busy; so is your home! Gillece’s Kohler residential generator keeps life going by providing dependable protection during unexpected power outages. Worry-free emergency power supports your electrical needs for days, or even weeks. Clean, quiet, automatic back-up power – just what you and your family need to be safe and comfortable. If you do experience a utility power outage, the transfer switch automatically starts your Gillece Kohler generator to restore power to the home, whether you’re home or away. Gillece Services will custom order the residential generator that best meets your needs. This ensures that your home’s electricity can keep up with you and your entire family. However, Gillece Services already houses all the parts, outlets covers, light switch covers, etc., you could possibly need – right in their trucks and also back at Gillece Headquarters’ inventoried warehouse!

For over 30 years, Gillece Services has been the Pittsburgh area’s one-stop-shop for Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Electrical, Indoor Air Quality, Water Quality, and Waterproofing services – emergency, maintenance, and replacement. Family owned and operated, President Tom Gillece innovated the Gillece “There The Same Day or You Don’t Pay!”* service policy, and “We Keep Your Home Working For You! SM” customer philosophy.

*Restrictions apply. Call for details.