Gillece Water Quality Services Review

Untreated Water: What it Contains and What it Can Do

Where does your water come from? It travels from the main water supply to your home and runs out of your faucets- but is it safe? A large amount of chemicals are added to water supplies for preservation purposes, but those chemicals can be potentially harmful to ingest. They can affect you externally from the water you use to shower or bathe; they can affect the quality of your water-using appliances; they can create physical impurities on surfaces; and they can cause water to develop bad taste and odor. These chemicals include chlorine and disinfection byproducts, alongside the possible existence of bacteria, mold, and metals in “hard” or untreated water. All of these impurities may have a negative impact on your health, the condition of your skin and hair, the condition of your appliances and cleansing products, as well as your internal plumbing systems, and more. Gillece Water Quality Services cares about the quality and condition of the water in your home and provides services to improve the quality of your water used for drinking, cleaning, cooking, etc. to protect you and your family. Gillece Water Quality Services offers a Water Quality Inspection in which a Water Quality Specialist can inspect your home’s water and assess the best way to improve its quality.

Water Conditioning: Soften Hard Water and its Effects

“Hard” water- water that is untreated- can contain high levels of dissolved minerals such as magnesium and iron. When these minerals combine with other composites, reactions may occur that create what you experience as soap scum, hard water scales, bad taste and/or odor. Hard water can also decrease the functionality of cleansing products in your home, as it has difficulty mixing with soap in order to lather. Deposits may also form as a result of hard water usage that can damage water-using appliances and plumbing through which water flows. Soft water can prolong the life of your products, appliances, and plumbing, and improve the performance of these appliances. Gillece Services Water Conditioning Specialists can install a water conditioner to address hard water issues and provide you and your home with better, safer water.

Water Filtration: Eliminate the Possibility of Unsafe Chemical Contact

When you use untreated water from your tap, the chemicals it contains carry over into your body. These chemicals, and other impurities, can absorb into your skin and hair and can cause dryness and flakiness as well as more serious illness. Just like chlorine in a swimming pool, chlorine in your water can have the same drying or irritating effects. As far as links to serious illness, chemicals in untreated water have even been associated with diseases including cancer. Untreated water may also have a bad taste or smell due to the presence of chlorine or hydrogen sulfide, making it unpleasant to drink or to use in general. Gillece Services’ Water Filtration Systems eliminate these chemicals, viruses, impurities, etc. for water that is safe to drink, great-tasting, and odor-free.

Water Quality Products**: Gillece Services’ Systems for Improved Water Quality

Gillece Water Quality Services offers Water Conditioning and Water Filtration Systems including the Ultra Filter, Whole House Water Filter, Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System, and Water Softener. The Ultra Filter is a whole-house filtration system that is installed alongside a whole-house carbon filter. The Ultra Filter works to reduce and eliminate particles as small as .015 microns in size, over 33 times smaller than most viruses and particulates. As a “green” product, the Ultra Filter runs on minimal electricity, uses a chemical-free filtration process, and produces back flush water that can be reused for irrigation. Like the Ultra Filter, the Whole House Water Filter is a filtration system for your whole house and is also eco-friendly. It delivers clean, fresh water from all taps and faucets and reduces the presence of contaminates, including chlorine. The Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System is an isolated filtration system that uses reverse osmosis to deliver clear, fresh-tasting water. It reduces contaminants through multiple stages of filtration. Lastly, the Water Softener addresses hard water issues; it softens water based on your household’s water usage and eliminates side effects associated with hard water, like soap scum and buildup.

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