Gillece Waterproofing Services Review

Waterproofing Preventive Service Review

Gillece Services offers a number of preventive services to protect your home and your family from potentially harmful situations. One such situation is water seepage in your home that can put the condition of your basement, valuable items and/or furniture, and your home’s foundation at risk. Water inside the home can create mold, ruin basement floors and walls, attract bugs, rust metals, rot wood, and more, all of which are undesirable, possibly devastating consequences. Call Gillece Services for a Free Expert Waterproofing Estimate that can be performed any day of the week. With the estimate, a Gillece Services Waterproofing Specialist will assess your home’s water removal options for preventing water damage from happening. Our Waterproofing Specialist will inspect your home’s basement and outside grounds for optimal water removal improvement. Then, he will review his outlined plan with you, providing a thorough consultation that includes cost and expected results as well as answers to any questions you may have. By deciding to go ahead with a waterproofing plan, you can rest assured that any water threatening to leak inside your home will successfully be collected and removed.

Waterproofing Specialists and Service

Gillece Waterproofing Services has top-quality equipment and skilled specialists you need to waterproof your basement. Gillece Waterproofing Specialists are experts in their field; waterproofing is their sole area of focus and subsequent specialty. They are also licensed, skill-certified, trained, and courteous, providing service for you and your home with competency, professionalism, and respect. Gillece Waterproofing Specialists come with all of their equipment in their truck for yours and their convenience. Gillece Services is always open- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year-round. If you experience water in your basement, whether there is a puddle on the floor or a damp spot on the wall, Gillece Services can come to your home to assess your situation and offer appropriate solutions. Gillece Waterproofing Specialists can install a French Drain Indoor/Outdoor Waterproofing System that includes a MicroPower® Guard Air Filtration System as well as a Sump Pump for Interior Waterproofing Systems. With these systems, water in or around your home is located, collected, and redirected to a designated location away from your home. Both systems come with a French Drain Lifetime Warranty.* The MicroPower® Guard Air Filtration System purifies indoor air to produce cleaner, higher-quality air for better breathability for you and your family.

Indoor/Outdoor Waterproofing Systems

French Drains and Sump Pumps both work to collect and remove water around your home, keeping it out of your basement. French Drains provide a designated passage for groundwater to flow using a gravel-filled pipe. The water can then empty into an appropriate location. Different types of French drains address different water problems. French drains can be shallow or deep, and interior or exterior, depending on your specific type of land, particular water flow situation, and existing basement condition. Sump Pumps are an internal solution for water removal. Like French Drains, they work to remove groundwater around your home and do so by collecting the water in a basin and depositing it away from your home’s foundation. Sump Pumps provided and installed through Gillece Waterproofing Systems are for Indoor Waterproofing Systems. For Indoor Air Quality, The MicroPower® Guard Air Filtration System is included with Gillece Services’ Waterproofing Systems. It uses filter technology to trap the smallest of particles that can be unsafe to inhale and can affect people with allergies, asthma, and other health issues.

Waterproofing systems protect your home and may possibly save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in damages, especially if a flood should occur. Call Gillece Services for a Free Waterproofing Estimate and Waterproofing System to keep unwanted water out of your home for good!

For over 30 years, Gillece Services has been the Pittsburgh area’s one-stop-shop for Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Electrical, Indoor Air Quality, Water Quality, and Waterproofing services – emergency, maintenance, and replacement. Family owned and operated, President Tom Gillece innovated the Gillece “There The Same Day or You Don’t Pay!”* service policy, and “We Keep Your Home Working For You!SM” customer philosophy.

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